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AirDog Auto-Follow Drone

by Monique Barrett

Apr 3, 2015

© Marek Uliasz | Dreamstime

Products / Technology

Designed for sports enthusiasts, outdoor fans and moviemakers, the AirDog auto-follow drone for GoPro cameras follows the action for you and operates completely by itself.


The first product of its kind, AirDog follows your movements via a wireless leash system. The quadcopter links to a remote control Airleash that users wear on their wrist or helmet and constantly tracks where they are via long-range Bluetooth.


The product includes a GoPro camera mount and built-in gimbal to ensure videos are stable and the subject is kept in the frame. The foldable quadcopter is also able to withstand rain, heat and cold, so you can take it to a variety of extreme adventure locations.



With no need to operate the AirDog, you are free to go about your action-packed endeavors while getting incredible footage of your experience. Whether you’re in the ocean, attacking the half pipe or shredding fresh powder, the machine follows you from take-off to landing. If it is running low on battery, it returns to its launch location.


You can pre-order the product for delivery later this year for $1,295. The price includes an AirDog, Airleash, battery pack, charger and cable.


Check out the power of AirDog in action online.



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