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Airport Adventures

by Sage McHugh

Aug 20, 2014

Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3 © Ping Yin Liu-Dreamstime

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Certain airports are so swanky and high-tech, what once might have been a dreaded layover could now be an adventure in itself. Here is a list of international airports where you might actually want to be stuck for a while:


1. Singapore Changi Airport

There is no shortage of amenities here. Highlights include an indoor ice skating rink set against a backdrop of Moscow’s Saint Basil’s Cathedral, a butterfly garden housing more than 1,000 butterflies, a rooftop sunflower garden and an orchid garden equipped with a koi pond.


2. Incheon International Airport (South Korea)

There is free WiFi, complimentary computers, a full-service medical center, dental office, post office and a dry cleaner. For those looking to relax, there are two movie theaters, an observation deck, a spa and five gardens. The more physically inclined can play a round at the golf course or ice skate at Incheon’s indoor rink. If you work up a sweat, there are free shower facilities throughout the airport.


3. Munich Airport

In 2011, a portable wave pool was installed in Munich’s Franz-Josef Strauss Airport. Each summer, travelers and local residents have the opportunity to surf here for free. Groups of up to 10 people are permitted at a time; each group can surf for 45 minutes. Equipment, such as surfboards and wetsuits, are also provided at no charge.

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport © Sean Pavone | Dreamstime

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport © Sean Pavone | Dreamstime


4. Taiwan Taoyuan International

Taiwan Taoyuan International is a book-lover’s paradise. Offering the world’s first airport e-library, TTIA allows travelers to rent iPads and e-readers on a first-come, first-serve basis. Each device is loaded with more than 400 titles, available in both English and Chinese. More than 2,000 paper books are also available.


5. Vancouver International Airport

Travelers can visit Vancouver’s 114,000-liter aquarium exhibiting more than 850 sea animals and a 1,800-liter jellyfish aquarium.


6. Heathrow Airport, London

Having recently undergone a multibillion dollar renovation, Heathrow offers state-of-the-art amenities including day spas, Plane Food restaurant owned by chef Gordon Ramsay and a massive aluminum art sculpture designed by artist Richard Wilson.


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