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Bachelor Party in Auckland

by Benjamin Kerns

Oct 31, 2016

Auckland, New Zealand © Rafael Ben-ari | Dreamstime

Weddings / Bachelor/ette Parties

Bachelor parties, known as stag parties in New Zealand, are often the highlight of getting married. Well, they’re not as great as actually walking down the aisle to your bride, but they’re pretty close. If you’re going to throw one in New Zealand, there’s no better place to go than Auckland.


This metropolitan city is teeming with fun things to see and do and, of course, plenty of places to let loose. Since it’s a harbor city, you’ll definitely want to look into renting a boat for a short cruise along the bay. The Auckland Harbor is home to many mostly affordable stag party boat companies happy to lend a hand and some ideas.


Party buses are also a popular choice in this city and can be had for around $1,000 if you’ve got some extra cash to spend. You’ll have free run of the city and plenty of liquor to drown in during the ride.


Before your evening comes to an end, you’ll likely want to take in a little adult entertainment, as men are wont to do, and there are ample opportunities for that around town, too. The Mermaid Club is one of the most popular gentlemen’s clubs in the city, but you also can’t go wrong taking a peek in The White House.


Whatever you’re game for on your final day of freedom, you’re bound to find it in Auckland. Be warned, though, this is probably the most expensive city in New Zealand so you’re going to want to set aside from serious cash if you want to have a good time.



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