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Minaal: Baggage You’ll Actually Love

by Justin Barisich

Sep 9, 2014

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With literally hundreds of travel bags and backpacks currently available for purchase, it would seem that by now, someone would have designed the perfect bag to accommodate any traveler’s needs. Yet, while bags do vary in shape and size, none of them seem to get it quite as right as the Minaal ProTravel Carry-On Bag.


Having raised more than $340,000 from more than 1,600 traveling backers of their 2013 Kickstarter campaign, the co-creators of Minaal found the sweet spot of baggage effectiveness and packing efficiency. And since it’s designed with the actual traveler in mind, it has a broad appeal to all types of travelers.


Weighing in at only 3.08 pounds and with the dimensions of 21.65 inches by 13.77 inches by  7.87 inches, the Minaal has a 35-liter capacity — enough to hold all the gear you’d need for at least a month of traveling. (For a better idea of all the bag can store, check out this video.) The Minaal also allows for lie-flat packing and full-length zippers, so you no longer have to stuff everything through a small hole at the top of the pouch, and then dig through it all once again to reach items at the bottom. The bag comes with a built-in drink holder; laptop/accessory pouch; rain cover; and adjustable shoulder, waist and chest straps, which zip-away in less than 10 seconds if want to rock the sleek, duffel-style look.


Oh, and the biggest benefit of the Minaal? It’s BUILT TO BE A CARRY-ON! You can save yourself from wasting hours of time spent waiting for your bag to get spat out of the belly of the plane.


The sleek and smartly designed Minaal retails at $299 and is available now. Go get one, get packing and get on the road happier.



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