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Eagle Creek Pack-It Compression Packs

by Matthew Rimer

Sep 9, 2014

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Whether it be a suitcase, rucksack,or hiking pack, travelers often have trouble finding room for their belongings. The Eagle Creek Pack-It Compression Packs offer a resolution to this common quandary. With their compression zippers and one-way air valves, these storage units condense the clothes’ volume into a fraction of its original self.


The Pack-It Compression Sac Set ($11–28) uses a one-way pressure valve to force air out of the compartment when it is rolled. Belongings can be reduced by as much as 50 percent through this process. If its tear-suppressing nylon yarn does not ease worries of durability, perhaps the lifetime warranty will. Sets come in a variety of sizes and size combinations to suit any specific needs. Larger sacs can be used to compress pillows, while the smaller sacs are best used to separate dirty clothes from the rest.


The Pack-It Specter Compression Cube Set ($38) is a natural compliment to the Compression Sacs. Where the Sacs are best used for dirty laundry, the Cubes are recommended for clean clothes like t-shirts, shorts and pants. This product uses a compression zipper, reducing the risk of wrinkling fresh clothing.


Learn more at EagleCreek.com.




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