The Best Backpacking Packs

by Edward Mack

Nov 7, 2014

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Just as there is a shoe for every foot, there is a backpack for every traveler. Packs can range from 20 liters all the way to 110 liters. They can have internal frames, external frames or no frames at all. And each pack offers unique advantages and disadvantages. Check out the following brands to begin your backpack shopping.


Arc’teryx makes some of the best packs out there. Their packs are light, accessible and well crafted. However, they also carry one of the highest price tags. A 50-liter pack is about $290, but for a full 65-liter pack, the price jumps up to $450. The Altra 65 is the highest-rated pack on the market.


A more affordable option is Ospreywhose products offer lots of positives and very few negatives. The packs are functional, comfortable and durable. The Atmos 65 may be the best of a group of all-stars.


Gregory packs are comfortable and have great support. Prices range mid to high. Their best bags are from the Baltoro line, which features packs of various sizes.


Kelty backpacks are among the cheapest. Check out the 5-star Flyway 43 for a medium-size, all-purpose pack.


Deuter is another mid-range brand that offers good value. Their larger packs, however, are heavier and not as well engineered as the other brands. The Futura Pro 42 is their top-of-the-line product.


The North Face trades more on the popularity of its brand name than the quality of its products. The best of them is the Banchee 65, a large pack that seems smaller because of its lightweight construction and ability to compress. It is not a convenient pack, though.


For a more in-depth look at these products and more, visit Hiking Backpacks Review.



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