Best Hiking Trails in Scotland

by Jack Guy

Jan 22, 2019

© John Braid | Dreamstime

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Check out this list of hiking trails that will let you see the best of Scotland while you’re out in the fresh air.

One of the most famous trails in Scotland is the West Highland Way. With beautiful lochs, rivers and mountains along the way, the 96-mile route from Milngavie, near Glasgow, to Fort William is a top choice year after year among keen hikers. The whole thing will take around 10 days to hike.

Next up is the Great Glen Way, a 79-mile walk from Fort William to Inverness. Along the way you’ll visit Loch Ness, the alleged home of the mythical Loch Ness monster, as well as two other lochs.

If you are keen on summiting mountains, take on the seven-mile walk to the top of Ben Lomond. It’s the most climbed mountain in the Munros range and well worth a go.

An even more accessible hike is the two-mile walk to Steal Falls up on Glen Nevis. You’ll pass through meadows and gorges before reaching the epic falls.

Theater fans will be amazed by the walk along the River Braan through traditional woodland featured in Shakespeare’s Macbeth. The huge Douglas firs and beautiful bridges are truly a sight to behold.



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