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Best All-Purpose Glue For Travel

by Brendan Byrne

Nov 22, 2016

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Things often break and they need fixing. I’m a notorious savage when it comes to wooden hostel furniture and often travel with wood glue so everything at least appears to be in order at check-out.


That said, for most traveling with wood glue seems a bit excessive or unnecessary and they simply opt for a tube of super glue to help them through most fixes. While a two-part epoxy is likely best for most repairs, that means you’re traveling with two different tubes and that is far from ideal, especially when packing light.


For me, I generally travel with CrazyGlue as well as a four-ounce bottle of The Sticky Ass Glue SAG4OZ Waterproof Stubbornly Strong Glue . There is very little the name of this glue doesn’t tell you, as it is sticky ass as well as stubbornly strong.


I once enjoyed more than four hours of surfing in Nicaragua on a board nearly broken in half, as there was no ATM machine and the surf shop only took cash. The repair only took about five minutes of drying time and saw me continue to enjoy the rest of the day of truly spectacular waves rather than stubbornly drinking on the beach watching others enjoy their day of surfing.



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