Best Vegetarian Foods to Try in Mumbai, India

by Emeri Callahan

Jan 9, 2019

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Mumbai, India © Milind Ketkar | Dreamstime

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India is a vegetarian’s personal paradise. Drive through the streets of Mumbai and every other restaurant seems to tout an “all veg” sign in the window, symbolizing everything on the menu is non-meat. The food in South India is rich, flavorful and simply delicious. Even carnivores will enjoy these signature vegetarian dishes in Mumbai.



If you like thin pancakes, you’re in for a treat. Dosas are made from a fermented batter of mostly rice and look and feel like a crepe. You can order these plain to dip in sauces or ask for a cheese dosa for a tasty, stand-alone snack.


Aaloo Paratha

Another pancake-looking food item, aaloo paratha is a flatbread hand-stuffed with a cumin- and turmeric-flavored mashed potato. Ask for a fresh drizzle of cream or butter for extra flavor.



Otherwise known as steamed rice cakes, this a breakfast favorite among many families in South India. The texture is light and fluffy from the lentil and rice batter. The flavor on its own is mild, so it makes a great base for chutneys.


Chole Masala

No veggie list of Indian food would be complete without a curry. Chole is a chickpea curry simmered in a spice-ladened gravy to give it a strong flavor. The dish is often served at Indian weddings and special events.


Malai Kofta

Another dish for special occasions is malai kofta. This dish consists of veggie balls (koftas) made with a mix of potatoes, veggies, paneer cheese, heavy cream and spices. To add to the flavor, the balls are stuffed with chopped nuts and raisins and served in gravy. You may gain five pounds after eating one dish, but it’s worth it.



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