Under $100 / Africa
May 17, 2018

Under $100: Douala, Cameroon

Cameroon’s largest city has a reputation for being a little, shall we say, dingy? However, its extensive size and vibrant atmosphere make it a must if you’re visiting the country. Douala has plenty to offer if you’re only in town for a day and want to keep a tight budget.

Work and Play in Italy

ONCE THE FINAL MEETING WRAPS and the last contract is signed and sealed with a handshake, what’s next? Do you catch a flight back home or do you take advantage of the destination? If your next business trip is to Italy, we suggest adding a few more days to explore the country’s most amazing hot spots. Make time for more than a mouthwater- ing Italian meal in these three cities.

Under $100 / Africa
Apr 23, 2018

Under $100: Cotonou, Benin

Cotonou is Benin’s largest city and widely considered the country’s cultural and economic hub. It’s where you’ll find a majority of the country’s government buildings as well as a diverse array of shops, restaurants and attractions. Spending one day here is quite easy to do for less than $100.

Under $100 / Africa
Apr 17, 2018

Under $100: Windhoek, Namibia

Namibia is an incredibly desolate country where one could travel hundreds of miles without ever seeing another person. Perhaps that’s why Windhoek stands in such stark contrast to the rest of the nation. Though not large by any stretch of the imagination, the capital city offers the greatest opportunities for cultural exploration.

Leave Troublesome Rideshare Worries Behind

We can see it now and remember when it happened to us: Watching as the black car icon loops around and around, seemingly endlessly, and our wait time on the rideshare app continually changes. Long wait times and confused drivers are just a few bothersome issues that can nag at rideshare users. Need a solution? Ditch rideshares altogether in favor of renting a car on your next trip.

Under $100 / Africa
Mar 23, 2018

Under $100: Fes, Morocco

Fes is often considered the cultural capital of Morocco. The city’s wealth of fine dining, medieval architecture, vibrant marketplaces and friendly people make it the perfect place to spend 24 hours. Cruising by on a budget of $100 isn’t easy, but certainly doable.