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Under $100: Freetown, Sierra Leone

by Jack Guy

Jul 21, 2020

Freetown © Fabian Plock | Dreamstime.com

Under $100 / Africa

You can have a lot of fun in Freetown with $100 in your pocket. Here’s how to spend the day.


Start off with a quick breakfast at Bliss Restaurant, where you can get a filling local meal for around $4, and then head off to the Sierra Leone National Museum to learn about the country’s history. You will probably be asked for a donation of around $1, but that will get you a guided tour from trained staff. They can also arrange tours to former slave post Bunce Islan,d if you are interested.


For lunch head to Oasis, a little café off Murray Town Road. It’s a great place to relax away from the chaos of town, set in a lovely garden. Make sure to try the famous smoothies (meal $10).


In the afternoon, wander to Lumley Market, where you can explore the myriad stalls and then relax on Lumley Beach. It’s quiet during the week but turns into a party spot on weekends.


For dinner, go to seafood spot Mamba Point Lagoonda, known as one of the best restaurants in town. You will need to book ahead, but it’s worth it for the grilled fish and meats, plus great sushi ($30). Relax looking over Man o’ War Bay as you eat, then head upstairs to the casino if you are feeling lucky.


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