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Champagne Brunch at LAVO New York

by Akhil Kalepu

Nov 30, 2014

© Sad444 | Dreamstime


Several New York City establishments have quietly been waging a war for the best brunch in the city. They’re a little more upscale than breakfast at IHOP, and a lot wilder than Sunday brunch at the country club. Inspired by the day-parties of Pampelonne Beach in St. Tropez, brunch parties began popping up in the 90s with Le Bilboquet in the Upper East Side and Bagatelle and Merkato 55 in the Meatpacking District.


More recently, LAVO has been making a name for itself in the daytime party scene, operating a restaurant during the day that converts into a nightclub at night. During the week you see a typical eating establishment, but on Saturdays from 2:00-6:00 the place is reinvigorated into a culinary day-party. Unlike their nighttime shenanigans, the magic of LAVO is the slow transformation from a stately meal into a Champagne-spraying bash.


While there is an emphasis on drinking, the food at LAVO is also top notch. Items range from margherita pizza to lemon ricotta waffles to spaghetti and Kobe meatballs. The lights are dimmed at 3:30 as people finish their meals and the alcohol begins to kick in. Over the course of the next hour, the music gradually gets louder and the overall vibe of the place gets more energetic. After the first few bottle service processions run through the restaurant, the last of the crowd’s inhibitions are shed and people are dancing on tabletops.


With a focus on fine dining and a gradual build-up of mood, LAVO has provided one of the best brunch parties in New York. To learn more about their restaurant and nightclub, visit their website at lavony.com.



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