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Chica~Chida, a Brand-New Peanut Butter Agave Spirit Hits the Market

by Mary Melnick

Mar 28, 2024

© Gage Zanghi and Josh Gallo

Products / Food/Drink

Piermont Brands recently announced the launch of Chica~Chida Peanut Butter Agave Spirit, crafted in collaboration with Caleb Pressley from Barstool Sports. Chica~Chida challenges the market with its unique approach by diverging from conventional spirits and injecting a fresh perspective in the industry.


The peanut butter agave spirit, born in the heart of Tequila, Mexico, blends the espadin agave with allergen-free peanut butter extract to deliver a smooth, flavorful shot that defies expectations.


Chica Chida

© Gage Zanghi and Josh Gallo

Sam Hirsch and Charles Sachs, founders of Piermont Brands, emphasized the brand’s dedication to creating a more playful drinking culture: “Chica~Chida represents our rebellion against the stale and pretentious norms of the industry. Teaming up with Caleb Pressley, we’re reshaping the narrative and encouraging customers to savor a dose of pure, unfiltered enjoyment.”


Caleb Pressley is a comedic star known for his sharp wit and satirical interviews. Pressley injects humor into topics often viewed as a soft spot for traditional media. With a unique perspective, Pressley fearlessly tackles current events and social norms while keeping audiences entertained, engaged and informed.


“My dream is to one day have kids who grow up to be 21 so they can sip on Chica~Chida themselves. Or 18 if we live in Europe which I don’t foresee,” said Caleb Pressley.


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