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Products / Food/Drink
Jul 28, 2020


UniLid offers an alternative to plastic wrap that you can take on your travels. Eating out can cost a small fortune, but with this storage companion you can cook meals at home and take them on the road — all without worrying about a spill.

Products / Food/Drink
Jul 10, 2020

Oomph 2.0 Coffeemaker

Getting a good brew when you’re on the road can make a big difference, and the Oomph 2.0 coffeemaker means you can make coffee wherever you are.

Products / Food/Drink
Jul 3, 2020

Love Beer? You Need the Hopsulator TRíO Before Hitting the Road

Beer lovers rejoice! Now you can take your craft beer on the road without worrying about lukewarm, less-than-cold brew. The Hopsulator TRiO holds your favorite 16-ounce craft beer cans with adaptability for 12-ounce varieties. It does have its downsides. If you like super-slim beer cans and novelty drinks, it likely won't fit.

Products / Food/Drink
May 6, 2020

Become More Eco-Friendly with a Travel Silverware Pack

People are becoming more aware of how their actions affect the environment and are looking for ways to be more eco-friendly; some states are even getting in on the action by banning all single-use plastics. If you are worried about the environment and looking for a way to reduce your footprint, invest in a travel silverware pack that will cover all your needs.

Products / Food/Drink
Apr 27, 2020

Ground Up is the Nut Butter Providing Aid to At-Risk Women

In the world of culinary arts, the general population is probably most familiar with peanut butter. There are many other types of nut butters, though. Ground Up is working to empower women while providing delicious nut butters to the world at large.

Products / Food/Drink
Mar 8, 2020

My Little Seat Travel High Chair

Traveling with a little one already presents myriad challenges, one of which is finding an adequate spot to feed an infant or toddler. When you’re stuck in a place without a proper high chair, you’ll need a device that can keep your baby secure during feeding time. One such device is made by My Little Seat, a comfortable, easy-to-pack high chair that makes feeding time a breeze.