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Cities to Visit for National Vegan Month

by Erich Martin

Nov 11, 2019

Portland, Oregon © Welcomia | Dreamstime.com

Trends / Food & Drink

November is National Vegan Month, and there are plenty of cities you can visit to make the most of the month and eat some delicious vegan food.


HappyCow.net is a database that exists to help vegetarians and vegans find restaurants that cater to their specific diets and lifestyle choices. The website and app give vegans and vegetarians a directory to the best restaurants in any area. The website put together a blog post detailing the world’s 10 best vegan cities based on factors including density of vegan restaurants, total vegan restaurants and more.


The top ranking domestic city is New York City. Overall, New York ranks third behind Berlin and London, but it still has a number of excellent restaurants to choose from. Options range from quick service to upscale dining to bakeries and more.


Portland, Oregon, ranks just behind New York thanks to veganism’s intrinsic value to the city’s identity. Like all of the top vegan cities on Happy Cow’s list, there is a restaurant to fit every mood, including burgers, European fusion cuisine options and more. In Portland, the veganism seeps out of restaurants and into the streets with vegan food carts and trucks.


The last domestic city on Happy Cow’s list is Los Angeles. This one probably isn’t surprising for many. The city has 42 full vegan restaurants and 142 more vegetarian-friendly restaurants.


If you’re planning to travel this month, international vegan cities include Warsaw, Toronto and Prague.










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