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Could Travel by Ferry Make European Travel Easier and More Affordable?

by Holly Riddle

Aug 14, 2023

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While many travelers know they can easily get around Europe via train and that there are plenty of short, cheap flights between European countries, did you know you can also get around the continent via ferry, as well? Opting for ferry travel during your next jaunt around Europe may make your trip easier (think fewer crowds and no airport hassle), as well as more affordable.


Vivanoda recently conducted a study analyzing the cost of ferry travel throughout Europe, looking at thousands of ferry fares and hundreds of ferry routes, and discovered there are certain areas of Europe where ferry travel is particularly a good deal.


The study found ferry crossings to Tunisia, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland and Sweden typically boast the lowest average prices. However, if you’re trying to travel as far as possible for as cheap as possible, you’ll want to travel between Germany and either Lithuania or Latvia, which allows you to take the longest ferry route for the cheapest price.


Have a little flexibility in your itinerary? Avoid taking the ferry in the summer or on the weekend, when prices are highest. Additionally, avoid taking the ferry in the countries where ferry travel is most expensive, including Türkiye, the United Kingdom, Morocco and Malta.


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