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Daytrips From Amsterdam

by Jack Guy

Oct 8, 2019

Amsterdam, the Netherlands © Rostislav Glinsky | Dreamstime

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The Dutch capital is within easy striking distance of loads of great attractions. Here are some of the best daytrips to make.


Zaanse Shans is a village that acts as an open-air museum for traditional Dutch life. Think windmills, wooden clogs and lumber mills, preserved as they would have been in the 18th–19th century. It’s just 15 minutes by train from Amsterdam Centraal station.


Keukenhof Garden is a huge flower garden with around 7 million flowers. It’s only open mid-March to mid-May, but if you are traveling then make sure to make the 40-minute drive from Amsterdam.


Giethoorn is another traditional village where there are roads instead of canals, with boats rather than cars. It’s a picturesque place to spend a day, and it is found just 1.5 hours by car from Amsterdam.


Rotterdam is the second-biggest city in the Netherlands and is found just 35 minutes by train from Amsterdam Centraal. You can do a daytrip or spend a weekend here to really explore the city, home to the biggest port in Europe.


Another popular daytrip is The Hague, or Den Haag in Dutch. It sits on a beach less than an hour by train from Amsterdam, and is known for the impressive collection of art at the Mauritshuis Museum.



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