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Didn’t Study Abroad? You Can Still Workaway!

by Katharine Paljug

Sep 14, 2014

© Dave Nelson | Dreamstime

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Studying abroad is part of the typical university experience in many countries. But, what if, for reasons of time or money, you missed your chance to spend that semester or year overseas? Don’t worry — if you didn’t study abroad in college you can still live in another country at a fraction of the cost of vacationing there. How? With a Workaway position.


What is Workaway? Workaway spots allow adults to live in another country in exchange for a certain amount of work. These positions are similar to voluntourism, but typically lack the charitable aspect. Want to learn French? You can spend a summer assisting with the lavender harvest in Provence. Curious about life in Peru? You can work at a hostel in Lima for a few hours a day and spend the rest of your time exploring. Volunteers assist their hosts for a few hours every day, with everything from farming to house sitting to serving at restaurants. In return they are given room and board for the length of their stay.


How does it work? There are two main workaway programs: Workaway.info and Volunteersbase.com. To become a volunteer, you register with the program and create a profile. Hosts post their projects for volunteers to browse; you can pick based on the type of work you want to do or the location you want to visit. Once you find a project you like, you send a message to the host to apply. Hosts select from interested volunteers. Once you’re chosen, you’re on your way to a foreign country to work and play! Whether you’re interested in studying another culture or simply want to travel on a small budget, a Workaway position is a great way to get out and see the world.



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