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How to Enjoy Fine Dining at a Food Truck

by Jennifer Vishnevsky

Dec 29, 2014

© Frances Fruit | Dreamstime

Food & Drink

A few years ago, spurred by the economy and some publicity by The Food Network, many chefs began taking their cuisine on the road. Once known as roach coaches, food trucks have become the next destination worth chasing as people line up to enjoy everything from hot dogs to Korean tacos. Food trucks are a great way to enjoy fine dining without the 5-star prices.


The Four Seasons Food Truck rolls through the country to spotlight regional cuisine in each city. The truck stopped in Philadelphia’s LOVE Park and Piedmont Park Farmers Market in Atlanta, among others. Philly locals enjoyed a cheesesteak egg roll by Chef Peter Rosenblatt. In Baltimore, tourists could nibble on the zesty Baltimore crab burger with fennel slaw by Executive Chef Oliver Beckert.


On the West Coast, Chef Roy Choi and co-owner Mark Manguera changed the scene by showing that trucks are about more than tacos. Kogi Truck offers Mexican fusion food, like tacos stuffed with Korean short ribs and kimchi quesadillas. Locals wait for at least an hour, but there’s good reason.


Food Truck Fiesta is a real-time automated website that shows food truck locations throughout Washington, D.C. The site tracks food trucks that offer bubble tea, paninis, crepes, Greek food and more.



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