FINA World Swimming Championships Come to Windsor

by Jack Guy

Nov 6, 2016

© Claudio Perrone | Dreamstime

Trends / Sports

This December, the top swimmers from around the world will head to Canada for the FINA World Championships.


It will be the first time the prestigious event has been hosted in Canada, and the city of Windsor is all set to put on a real show. Organizers predict more than 35,000 people will attend the championships, drawn by as many as 1,000 of the best swimmers from across the globe.


Races will run Dec. 6–11, in a specially constructed 25-meter pool. All in all there will be 46 medals up for grabs from a variety of different events.


Interest in swimming has grown since the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, and the sport continues to develop. It’s a great form of exercise and there is no better way to be inspired than by watching the best men and women in the world practice the sport they love.


If you want to attend the championships, you can buy your ticket from the FINA Windsor website. The city is situated in Ontario, just over the border from the U.S. city of Detroit. This puts it within easy reach of spectators from across the United States.


The weather can be cold in December, so it is advisable to pack warm clothes if you do want to come to town. You could easily tack on a couple of days in Detroit, or perhaps head up the road to Toronto or Niagara Falls.


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