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Get Foamy at 5k Foam Fest

by Monique Barrett

Jul 20, 2015

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Get dressed up in a fun costume and get muddy this summer with 5k Foam Fest, a popular race series with a variety of fun, challenging obstacles scattered throughout the course.


Obstacles vary depending on the course, but all racers are guaranteed foam, mud and water, ensuring a dirty, fun race. The series aims to have between 15–30 obstacles per course, featuring popular adult-sized inflatables to bounce your way through and 50-foot slip n’ slides to glide across.


Participants are encouraged to create a team, so racers can use each other as a stepping stool for the climbing walls or a floatation device for the muddy madness.



Embracing a “funcore not hardcore” attitude, the 5k Foam Fest caters to crowds of all skill levels. If the obstacle appears too daunting to a participant, staff and volunteers are located throughout the mud run course, ready to help them through or around obstacles.


The popular series is heading to the Great White North this summer, visiting cities across Canada with upcoming events taking place in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan; Toronto, Ontario; London, Ontario; Ottawa, Ontario; Wasaga Beach, Ontario; Halifax, Nova Scotia; Quebec City, Quebec; Vallee du Parc, Quebec; and Montreal North, Quebec.


Included in the entry fee is a donation to a charity, making the race both fun and generous. The 5k Foam Fest works with Habitat for Humanity and Canadian Cancer Society, as well as multiple local charities.



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