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Getting Sick Before Your Journey

by Akhil Kalepu

Sep 15, 2014

© Matej Kastelic-Dreamstime


Getting sick is no fun, especially leading up to your big trip. Use these tips to deal with your pre-vacation maladies.


Stay hydrated

The recycled air on planes is dry and will dehydrate you, so be sure to ask the flight attendant for an extra bottle of water. Green and black tea with lemon will also help soothe any throat problems you get, but stay away from coffee. The dry air in the plane can wear away at the thin layer of mucous in you nose and throat, so getting a nasal spray or gel could also be a good idea.


Adjust your sleep cycle

Jetlag can exacerbate your symptoms, so adjusting your sleep cycle in the lead-up to your flight can help you get over the change in time zones. For a little extra help, over-the-counter melatonin pills are safe and effective in getting a few more zzzs before you arrive at your destination.


Stock up at your pharmacy

Whether you’re still packing or you’re ready to board at your terminal, a visit to the pharmacy can make your trip go by more pleasantly. For stomach concerns, a probiotic can help soothe your stomach for the plane ride and any exotic foods you might eat. Vitamin C and echinacea can give your immune system a boost, which could be useful in a foreign land with different germs. Also, remember to get your liquid medicines in travel-size containers.


Check for medical facilities

Your hotel’s staff will have a list of urgent-care clinics as well as hospital referrals in case something serious were to happen. Remember to carry your insurance card, but it’s a good idea to check your health insurance, as you might not be covered overseas. Depending on the country, some hospitals and doctors might require payment.



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