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Travel With a Gluten Allergy

by Katharine Paljug

Sep 9, 2014

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If you are one of the millions of people with a gluten allergy or sensitivity, planning a trip can be daunting. How will you find something to eat? Can you travel to foreign countries?

If you’re worried about avoiding gluten while traveling, follow these four tips to plan a safe and healthy vacation.


1. Know your food

Make sure you know exactly what foods you can and cannot eat. Wheat bread is obviously out, but other problem foods are less obvious. French fries, for example, are often contaminated with gluten because of the oil they are prepared in. Do your research before you travel.


2. Stay somewhere with a kitchen

There’s no rule that says you always have to eat out when you travel. If you can buy groceries and cook, you’ll provide yourself with a greater variety of gluten-free options and save money at the same time.


3. Brush up on your vocab

If you’re traveling in a foreign country, make sure you learn the correct vocabulary to explain your allergy and ask about food. Carry a list of phrases or a language guidebook with you, if necessary. Learn enough about the local cuisine that you can pick out one or two items on any menu that you know are safe to eat. When in doubt, a salad made with fresh vegetables and an oil and vinegar dressing should be safe.


4. Bring snacks

Whether you prepare them before you leave home or buy them once you arrive at your destination, gluten-free snacks are essential. Fresh produce or gluten-free protein bars can keep you full and satisfied … even when there’s nothing for you on the lunch menu.



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