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Interview: Diana Markosian, Documentary Photographer

by Trazee Travel

Sep 12, 2014

© Denniro | Dreamstime


Diana Markosian is a photographer whose work has been published in Time.com, The New York Times and The New Yorker. You can see more of Diana’s work at www.dianamarkosian.com.


© Diana Markosian | Photo

© Diana Markosian

Name: Diana Markosian


Profession: Documentary Photographer


Age: 25


Packing tip: Travel light. I always pack a book and a deck of cards.


Favorite travel memory: There is a time I got lost on the Great Wall in China. It is probably the last place you expect to get lost, but I did. I ended up camping out overnight.


Bucket list destination: I’m not into making lists. I want to go everywhere.


Favorite off the beaten path destination: Chechnya


What kind of traveler are you: I’m a bit of a vagabond. I haven’t had a permanent address in five years.  As a photographer, I spend most of the year on the road, traveling to remote corners of the world.  I have a front-row seat to explore and connect with the world in an intimate way. It is really quite special.


Funniest travel story: Most of my funny stories have to do with something going terribly wrong. I was deported from China and was supposed to leave by train to Vietnam. I somehow boarded the wrong train and ended up in Tibet. Of course, I only realized this on the second night.


Best meal you’ve had on your travels: Georgian food in Tbilisi.


Craziest thing you’ve done on your travels: I ran out of money in Tajikistan and wanted to visit Afghanistan. I ended up hitchhiking the last leg of the trip along the Silk Road to the Wakhan Corridor. I met local Afghans and lived with them for a few weeks. I actually don’t find this too bizarre as it is become a bit of a norm in the way I travel.


Favorite item you’ve collected from your travels: My images and a bronze bracelet from Tajikistan.


Where next? Hopefully somewhere I’ve never been.



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