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InVintory Wines App

by Holly Riddle

Sep 1, 2022

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Products / Food/Drink

Whether your knowledge of wine doesn’t go much past the difference between red and white, or you’re an old pro who could lead a wine tasting with ease, the new InVintory Wines app has something for you. So long as you like to keep several, or more, bottles of wine around the house, you’ll find the new app comes in handy.


InVintory is designed to allow you to better know your wine collection and keep track of your experiences enjoying bottles of wine at home. Anytime you purchase a bottle of wine, just scan the label and the app logs the bottle. (You can also search the app’s database to add bottles manually.) Once a wine is logged, you can see community reviews of that wine and add your own. You can also record private notes and photos of your wine-drinking experiences, so you’re never left wondering, “What was that amazing bottle of wine we shared on our fifth anniversary?”


If you’re a more serious wine collector (or work in a wine-related industry), rather than just a frequent wine drinker, you can upgrade to the app’s Prestige level, $10 per month. The upgrade allows you to track bottles of wine and your wine storage. This allows you to find particular types of wine among your collection when you just have too many bottles to keep track of and aren’t sure where a bottle might be, in either your wine fridge or cellar. With the upgrade, the app also calculates your wine collection’s current value and tracks how that value changes over time.


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