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Keep Your Money Safe While Traveling

by Katharine Paljug

Sep 6, 2014

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Whether you’re going upstate or overseas, keeping your money safe is a priority for travelers. Follow these tips to keep both your wallet and bank account secure while you play tourist.


Protect your trip with travel insurance

Travel insurance can help you recover some of your money if your plans change for reasons like a hurricane or a death in the family. Just be sure to read the fine print so you know exactly what is covered.


Tell your bank where you’re going

That way, if you use a credit card in an unusual location, they won’t assume it’s a fraudulent charge and freeze your account.


Carry a bag that closes securely

Pickpockets lurk around tourist destinations in many countries. Make sure your backpacks and purses zip or snap securely closed. If possible, carry them with the opening facing toward your body.


Hold your mail

All it takes is one electric bill or a stray credit card offer for someone to access your private financial information. If your mail is held at the post office, your personal details will stay safe while you’re gone.


Monitor your accounts

Keep an eye on your bank accounts while you travel to make sure there’s no unusual activity. If you bank online, you can also set up alerts to notify you of odd changes to your balances or investments.


Bring a mix of cash, cards and travelers checks

If something doesn’t work or goes missing, you’ll have a back-up form of money on hand. And don’t carry all your money around all the time. If you do lose a bag or have your wallet stolen, you want to make sure you have money back at your hotel.



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