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Find the Right Credit Card for Maximum Rewards

by Amanda Ibey

Sep 6, 2014

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With so many credit cards available today, each with their own point systems and redemption values, it can be challenging to choose the right one for your lifestyle. Maybe you want to earn points you can redeem for a free ticket to San Francisco from United Airlines? Maybe you want to enjoy a three-night free stay in a swanky hotel like the Hyatt?


All of this is possible if you wisely choose which credit cards to use. Finding the perfect credit card to match your travel goals is now easier with Johnny Jet Card Matcher. Johnny Jet Card Matcher is brought to you by Wallaby Financial, the leader in mobile and web-based credit card optimization solutions, and JohnnyJet.com, a leading online destination website for frequent travelers.


Once you subscribe for your free account, you’ll be prompted to list your current credit cards followed by a series of questions about your travel goals and preferences, such as what’s your favorite airline or hotel chain? Based on your answers, Johnny Jet Card Matcher will recommend the best credit cards suited to your spending habits and travel goals.


The site will also display your estimated savings – what you’ll receive if you switch from your current credit cards to the recommended one(s).


To sign-up for your free account, visit johnnyjetcardmatcher.com.



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