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La Fresh Travel Lite Amenities

by Matt Berry

Oct 3, 2014

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© La Fresh | Travel Lite

© La Fresh | Travel Lite

Traveling intelligently, particularly for long stretches, comes down to balancing convenient travel with basic comforts. Proportioning these two aspects of travel can be a bit tricky. Love your makeup remover? Great. How much space will it take up in your bag? Don’t want to smell like a yeti in Nepal? Of course not, but keeping deodorant in your day bag is a pain. Fortunately, La Fresh’s Travel Lite Amenities combine a convenient, portable design with high quality formulas for cleaner, safer and less hobo-ish travel.


The Convenience

Travel Lite Amenities are single-use, eco-friendly wipes that address the grooming, hygiene, safety and health needs of on-the-go travelers. From makeup and nail polish remover, to insect repellant, to antiperspirant and hygiene wipes and more, Travel Lite Amenities offer a practical solution for jetsetters, day explorers and backpackers. The wipes are TSA-friendly and incredibly portable, so travelers no longer need to haul a dozen three-ounce travel containers when traveling. La Fresh’s travel wipes require little space, and your packed clothes aren’t in constant danger of spills.


The Comfort

La Fresh’s Travel Lite Amenities include a total of 12 types of wipes. Not only are the wipes convenient, La Fresh’s wipes have won numerous awards for their effectiveness, and the company is committed to creating high-quality, eco-friendly and safe formulas. For instance, the insect repellant wipes are non-toxic and contain no DEET, while the makeup remover wipes feature a moisturizing formula with vitamin E.


The Commitment

Committed to environmentally conscious manufacturing, the company’s packaging will soon be FSC certified, and the wipes will be compostable. In addition, the wipes require a tenth of the water required for similar bottled products — dramatically reducing water waste.


The Cost

La Fresh’s Travel Lite Amenities are available in a number of offerings to fit your specific needs. Costs vary depending on product, but typically three wipes costs $2.49, while packages of 48 wipes costs  $19.99. He and she-specific travel combo packs — featuring a variety of wipes — are also available for the savvy traveler, and combo packs also include a handy carry-on tote bag.


Learn more at lafreshgroup.com.


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