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Make Any Vacation Fitness Friendly

by Kissairis Munoz

Sep 3, 2014

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Health & Wellness

Stepping away from your normal day-to-day fitness routine can make it tough to keep fitness goals on track. Luckily, there are easy ways to get away and still feel great.


– Pack your own snacks

Headed on a road trip or boarding a long flight? Pack your own portable snacks to avoid calorie-laden (and expensive!) snacks en route. Try fresh fruit, nuts or a homemade sandwich.


– Get your own food

If you’re staying at a hotel, stock the mini-fridge with easy breakfast and snack items to start your day off on a healthy foot. Yogurt, cereal, milk and oatmeal are all quick and easy to make. No fridge in your future? Granola bars, dry cereal and utensil-free fruit like bananas or strawberries allow you to have a hearty breakfast before heading out.


– Explore on foot

Skip the tour buses and hit the town on foot. Maybe cities provide walking tours, letting you see the sights and burn calories at the same time, while running in a new environment is a free way to take in a new location in a unique way.


– Plan a fitness vacation

Taking a trip around a fun exercise activity gives you the best of both worlds. If you’ve been itching to run a half marathon, sign up for one in a city you’ve always wanted to explore. Are you an aspiring yogi? Head to a beach where you can practice on the sand.


– Do a quick AM workout

Before heading out for the day, get in a quick bodyweight workout that you can do anywhere, like a circuit of jumping jacks, planks, push-ups and lunges. Not only will it get your heart pumping early on, but it’ll also help keep you mentally on track the rest of your day.


– Indulge in local treats

You’re on vacation, after all! Enjoy the unique food and drinks your destination has to offer and skip the stuff you can get at home. After all, if you’re in New Orleans, it’d be a crime to turn down a beignet — so why waste the calories on a fast food burger?




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