Natural Highlights of Costa Rica

by Benjamin Kerns

Jan 17, 2018

Costa Rica © Triciadaniel |

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Costa Rica has a rich history of protecting its natural resources, from rumbling volcanoes to bustling rainforests and, of course, the expansive beaches. The natural landscape of the country is one of the most gorgeous on Earth, which is why it’s a favorite among travelers who seek out adventures outdoors.

G Adventures offers a wonderful opportunity to tour Costa Rica’s rich tapestry of wildlife and stunning landscapes with its Natural Highlights of Costa Rica adventure. The tour begins in the capital city of San José where you’ll partake in a coffee tour around town along with a lunch to keep you energized. From there you’ll make your way over to La Fortuna and visit a local home where they’ll teach you the fine art of tortilla making.

Day three of your trip will see you opt for additional adventures in La Fortuna, from rafting to canyoneering hikes. After you’ve had your fill of sports, the tour continues on to the cloud forest of Monteverde. Explorers will enjoy a nature hike through the preserve before sitting down for a presentation by National Geographic researchers to highlight the conservation projects in the region.

After a couple of nights in Monteverde, you’ll head to the Pacific Coast to enjoy Costa Rica’s breathtaking beaches, abundant sea life and great opportunities for surfing, horseback riding and more.

Finally, the group will depart for Manuel Antonio Nationla Park, home to 350 species of birds along with monkeys and sloths. The trip ends back where it began, in the beautiful city of San José.

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