Protein Snacks That Travel Well

by Benjamin Kerns

Sep 21, 2019

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Protein is an essential nutrient to keep the body running on your travels. Packing it in can be a problem. Most of us get our protein from meat, which doesn’t exactly travel well. Here are a few ways to get your daily dose of muscle enhancement while on the go.


Roasted chickpeas are a terrific source of protein. They’re easy to carry, last for a long time, don’t require refrigeration and they taste great! Best of all, they only take about 30 minutes to cook in the oven.


Almonds are also another great option and have the added bonus of being one of the best sources for healthy fats. Cooked or uncooked, they taste delicious. You can also find a myriad of ways to spruce them up, from coating them in a light sprinkling of cinnamon to baking them with a little salt for a bit of a kick.


If you’re not in the mood to put together your own source of protein for the trip, you can always opt for pre-packaged turkey jerky. Jerky is a fantastic source of protein, and turkey is a healthier option than traditional beef. It also tends to be a bit cheaper.


Finally, you can never go wrong with a small can of tuna. Great on crackers or on its own, this delicious fish is an incredible source of protein and can last for weeks on any adventure. It requires no cooking, but can always be mixed with a variety of spices to vary up the taste every now and then.



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