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Road Trips are Hip

by Veronica An

Sep 18, 2014

© Veronica An

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Getting there can be half the fun. While road trips may not sound as fashionable as cruises or plane travel, there is no better way to experience a new place than by driving. Unlike other forms of travel, the passengers dictate the route and have the freedom to change their plans on a whim.


Road trips are bonding experiences; travel with a group both to share the driving and to experience new places with loved ones. Although it’s romantic to travel without a plan, make sure there are adequate stops along the way to keep passengers comfortable. Keep the car stocked with water and snacks. Take the time to stop on a whim — the best travel experiences are often unplanned.


Savor every mile and experience scenic routes near or far from home. On the West Coast, Route 1, or the Pacific Coast Highway, is famous for its enchanting costal views. The highway runs from Northern to Southern California and passes through San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego with many coastal town along the way. Travelers can visit a portion of the Pacific Coast Highway or travel the entire route for a true taste of the Golden State.


Road trips are an easy, low-cost way to travel and take in scenic views. Get your kicks on Route 66 or tour the New England foliage. Any drive is sure to be a memorable one. Hit the road, jack!



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