San Diego Film Festivals

by Katie Skrzek

Apr 23, 2015

An Old Town Trolley in the Gaslamp District, San Diego, California © Susanne Neal | Dreamstime

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San Diego is an emerging destination for cinephiles, with several large-scale, specialty film festivals throughout the year. Check out these 2015 San Diego film festivals:


San Diego Surf Film Festival (May 20–23)

In addition to more than 25 international films, festivalgoers can attend filmmaker presentations, surfboard shaping demonstrations, live music and panels with surfing legends. The festival takes place at Bird’s Surf Shed, a surf shop and art gallery.


FILMOUT San Diego (May 29–31)

Screenings of the year’s best LGBT films are held at historic theater Observatory North Park. The festival features special appearances by filmmakers and actors.


La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival (July 24)

The sixth annual festival attracts fashion fans with films highlighting the world’s top fashion houses, designers and stylists.


San Diego International Film Festival (Sept. 30 – Oct. 4)

San Diego’s largest film festival showcases the best in American and international documentaries and full-length and short films. Attend Q&A sessions with directors and film stars.


Horrible Imaginings Film Festival (Oct. 2–4)

To kick-off the Halloween season, this festival celebrates all things horror, with screenings from new and independent artists as well as classic horror films. Genres range from psychological thrillers to supernatural horrors to slashers and even noir films.


San Diego American Indian Film Festival (November TBA)

The California Indian Culture and Sovereignty Center at California State University San Marcos presents current films from American Indian filmmakers. The event also includes interactive dialogues and Q&A sessions with film industry professionals.


San Diego Italian Film Festival (Dates TBA)

The annual festival showcases the best new Italian films. This year it will be held at the historic La Paloma Theater.


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