Squeeze Pod’s ‘Girls’ Weekend Getaway’ Travel Kit

by Allie Moore

Mar 4, 2019

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Female travelers facing weekends or weeks away often also face the dilemma of how much beauty product they will need for a certain period of time. Reusable plastic bottles come in handy when transporting liquids and can be refilled, but, by the end of the trip, you’re usually left with unmarked bottles with a variety of creams in them that become stale over time. And while some brand make their own travel-sized bottles of shampoo, conditioner and the like, not all brands caught on. Thankfully, a brand called Squeeze Pod found a solution to the never-ending question of how to travel with the liquid items women want.


Squeeze Pod’s small, single-use pods contain a variety of liquid hygiene products easy to toss in your weekend bag and color-coded, making it easy to identify the contents. The pods are also leak-proof, ensuring the rest of your suitcase contents stay dry even with all the jostling luggage can go through. Passing through security with the pods is not a problem as they have been approved for travel by the Transportation Security Administration.


One of Squeeze Pod’s popular items is the Girls’ Weekend Getaway travel kit for women, which comes with a selection of assorted single-use pods containing the products women need most. No larger than the size of a house key, the pods within this kit feature contents that are all-natural, vegan and free of harsh chemicals.


The Girls’ Weekend Getaway pack includes the following 18 pods: two shampoos, two conditioners, two body washes, three face washes, three shave creams, three moisturizing lotions and three toilet odor eliminators. Purchase the kit on Amazon.com for $8.99 or on Squeeze Pod’s website for $12.99.




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