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Surviving The Strip: Tips For Your Las Vegas Trip

by Matt Rimer

Mar 30, 2015

Las Vegas, Nevada © Hsilaica | Dreamstime


To many people, Vegas is a place of splurging and breaking free from responsibility and restrictions. It may seem counterintuitive to set rules for conquering the city — but doing so can save visitors money and relieve stress.


Las Vegas is Desert

Although the air conditioning may convince visitors otherwise, Sin City can top 115 degrees in the dead of the summer. The combination of staying up all night, drinking alcoholic beverages and transferring from the cool casino floors to the sweltering heat outside can take its toll on one’s body. It is imperative to stay hydrated, fed and well rested.


Travel Mid-Week

The weekends in Las Vegas are typically packed with numerous conventions and the heaviest flow of traffic to the city. For this reason, visitors can usually get better deals on hotels, shows and restaurants when visiting Monday through Thursday.


Don’t be Afraid of the Buffet

With all of the amazing high-end dining throughout the strip, travelers might be inclined to eat every meal like a king. It might be a good idea to check out one of the dozens of buffets around the city for a quick, cheap lunch, and save the money for the casino.



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