The Best Tech for Your Travel, as Seen at CES 2019

by Holly Riddle

Feb 20, 2019

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CES is one of the biggest annual tech shows and where all the innovative and otherwise cool technology is unveiled each year. From robots that fold your clothes to the latest in self-driving cars, you’ll see a little bit of it all, but what about when it comes to travel tech? Here are a few up-and-coming products you’ll want to keep on your radar.


The Robot Suitcase

Forget lugging your suitcase around the airport. This robotic suitcase from Ovis is autonomous and follows you wherever you go using computer vision algorithms. It can even avoid obstacles, keeping itself out of trouble and leaving your hands free to carry more important items.


Driverless Shuttle

Maybe the next time you head from the airport to the hotel you’ll be carted around by a driverless electric shuttle. The new Bosch driverless electric shuttle is still in its prototype stage, but there are some exciting developments in the works, including all the tech needed to ensure obstacle avoidance, allow passengers to book the shuttle via an app, control an algorithm to properly assign travel and more.


In-Car VR

Long road trip ahead of you? Make the drive (or, at least, the passenger experience) a little more fun with in-car VR brought to you by Disney and Audi. Passengers can play virtual reality games synced to the car’s real-world movement for a decreased likelihood of nausea.



On the more serious side, if you struggle to travel while taking certain medications (like insulin), Lifeinabox can be a legitimate lifesaver. It keeps medicines cold for up to four hours without any power and can be recharged just about anywhere. An app keeps you up to date on how the device is working, so you never have to worry.


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