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Tips for Keeping Your Shoes Fresh

by Benjamin Kerns

Jul 17, 2019

© Guillermo Fernandes | Flickr

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Few things in life are as unappealing as smelly shoes. There’s something about the distinctive odor of stanky feet that’s almost vomit-inducing. When you’re traveling, the stench can really sneak up you. Here are some tips for keeping your shoes fresh and ready to stroll.


Wash your feet. There’s no quicker way to smelly feet than being a smelly person. The greatest defense against stinky shoes is to bathe. Be sure to scrub between your toes daily, maybe twice after a long walk through a new city.


Prevention is key. If you’re prone to sweaty feet you can head off the stench by applying foot powder. This will help you stay dry and prevent your shoes from getting saturated and spreading bacteria.


Freeze your shoes. It’s true, placing your shoes in the freezer can help them smell better. Most bacteria can’t survive in sub-freezing temps. Just be sure to place them in a sealed bag, because otherwise that’d be gross.


Or spray rubbing alcohol on the insides. Rubbing alcohol seems like the miracle cure for many problems, and stinky shoes is one of them. The alcohol will kill the bacteria causing the smells. Lightly mist the inside of your shoes and let them dry overnight before putting them on your feet.


Finally, use antiperspirant and deodorant to keep them dry. Athletes tend to use antiperspirant to prevent blisters, so spraying some on your feet has the bonus effect of keeping them soft and dry.



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