Top 5: Islands for Vacation

by Nia Scott

Dec 4, 2018

Bali © Mikhail Dudarev |

Top 5


Bali is an outstanding destination. Not only does the island have white-sand beaches with clear blue waters, but it also offers some of the lushest rainforests. The popularity of Bali among travelers has made it a staple for anyone wishing to see more of the world. There are so many activities that can be done on the island, making it a place that will please even the pickiest of travelers.



Santorini will forever be a favorite among travelers of the world. Each year, hundreds flock to this gorgeous island. It has beaches with water the perfect shade of blue. It’s a hot spot for honeymoons for its beauty. The city itself is bustling with welcoming Greeks ready and willing to share Greece’s best-kept island.



Fiji is another location that always seems to be added to lists of places to travel. It’s also a favorite spot for honeymoons for many reasons, similar to Santorini. Fiji is great location to go scuba diving and swim among the sea life. Visitors can get up close and personal to the fish while staying safe and having fun. Fiji also boats beautiful natural scenery and has many trails for hiking.


Maui, Hawai’i, is one of the best islands for those looking for adventure. With an island surrounded by cliffs and waves worthy of surf competitions, Maui welcomes all who are ready to have fun. There are numerous trails to be hiked and sights to be seen on the island.



Capri, Italy, is the most picturesque island. It’s colorful and filled with wonderful Italian people who appear to be in a constant state of happiness. The shining sea is inviting, as well as the clean beaches. This island also includes a volcano visitors can see from different vantage points on the island.


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