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Tread Lightly With These Inflatable Snowshoes

by Benjamin Kerns

Nov 10, 2015

© Small Foot

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Snowshoes are often a necessary evil for skiers and mountaineers who need to trek up mountains in heavy snow, but they don’t have to be a burden any longer. Toss out those oversized beasts in your closet and trade them in for a lightweight, inflatable snowshoe instead.


The SmallFoot Snowshoe provides the same ability to traverse mounds of snow while feeling virtually non-existent. The inflatable material weighs roughly 2 pounds so it fits nicely into your backpack without adding tons of weight and, since it’s inflatable, you can easily fold it up and pack it away when it’s not in use.


2 © Small Foot

© Small Foot


The SmallFoot can carry loads up 286 pounds. They’re flexible and floatable and able to adapt to changing terrain and will keep you from falling into a snow mound no matter how deep it might be.


The product was initially designed for not just outdoor recreationists, but also for use in high-risk police, military and rescue operations so you know you can count on it standing afloat in an emergency.


The SmallFoot retails for around $220 and can be ordered online from the developer’s website.




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