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U.S. Yoga Retreats

by Bridey Heing

Sep 27, 2014

© Furmananna | Dreamstime

Health & Wellness

Yoga retreats are a wonderful way for yogis of all levels to unwind and deepen their practice in an encouraging and relaxing environment. In the past few decades, as yoga has gained popularity in the United States, the number of facilities offering retreats has increased considerably, and today it’s easy for yogis to find a retreat that matches their needs and budget. Full immersion in yoga and Ayurveda can be found across the United States. These are just a few of the amazing retreats available.

Yogaville Satchidananda Ashram

Located near the Blueridge Mountains in Virginia, the focus of Yogaville is integral yoga. The ashram offers a wide range of house options and activities, including kirtan and hiking, in addition to yoga classes. Vegetarian meals are included.

Shambhala Mountain Center

Nestled into Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, this Buddhist center teaches yoga, mindful living and the study of Tibetan Buddhism. Yogis can camp in the summer, and three meals are provided. With no cell phone service, Shambhala Mountain Center is a great place for those who need to fully unplug. There are scholarships and work-study options available for those in need of financial assistance.

The Yoga Lodge on Whidbey Island

This secluded Washington state yoga retreat offers a wide range of classes and activities for yogis on a budget. Themed weekend retreats are run throughout the year, with offerings in line with seasonal needs. A weekend retreat ranges from $280–500 depending on lodging, making this quiet retreat accessible.

Ananda Ashram

Founded in 1964, this retreat in the foothills of New York’s Catskills Mountains is a tranquil retreat just an hour outside of New York City. With on-site gardens and spring-fed wells, the lacto-vegetarian and vegan fare is local as well as healthy. The ashram offers a wide-range of classes and activities, perfect for those looking to learn about a new practice or deepen their existing knowledge.

Kalani Retreat

On the coast of Hawaii, Kalani is a paradise all its own. With classes and a vast array of outdoor activities to take advantage of the ocean and nearby Kilauea Volcano, the retreat offers a place to fully depart from the stresses of daily life. Classes on Hawaiian culture add to the educational experience offered.


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