Under $100: Las Vegas

by Holly Riddle

Apr 16, 2016

The Fremont Street Experience, Downtown Las Vegas © Kan1234 | Dreamstime

Under $100 / North America


If you think you can’t go to Vegas and spend less than $100 per day, you would be wrong. While it’s certainly easy to spend much more, getting out of the casinos can be all it takes to enjoy Sin City on a budget.


The Mob Museum, Las Vegas, Nevada © J.R. Ramos | Flickr

The Mob Museum © J.R. Ramos | Flickr


For breakfast, go to Bouchon Bistro, which is a favorite no matter how deep your pockets. Menu items range from a variety of pastries for only a few dollars each to a classed-up chicken and waffles for $27. For something in the middle, try the sourdough waffles, which come topped with caramel apples, toasted pecans, Chantilly cream, vanilla bean butter and maple syrup, all for $14.


If you have your heart set on booking a show, take into consideration what kinds of shows are available. You can see just about anything in Vegas, and some attractions are more affordable than others. Magic and comedy shows are often cheaper than seats at the most recent resident musical act. If you don’t want to spend more than $30 or $40 on your ticket, those are the shows to go with.


The Neon Museum, Las Vegas, Nevada © Gilda | Flickr

The Neon Museum © Gilda | Flickr


Keep in mind Las Vegas offers much more than gambling, shows and nightlife. You’ll find plenty of daytime attractions both on and off the Strip, when you’re not lounging by your hotel’s pool. In particular, there is an assortment of museums to fit every interest, like The Mob Museum ($20), Neon Museum ($12), Auto Collections (free) and National Atomic Testing Museum ($22).


For dinner for less than $20, head away from the hotel and resort restaurant offerings and try something new. Find the Fukuburger truck, which offers Japanese-style burgers, or go to Soho SushiBurrito for more Japanese flair. Craving an after-dinner coffee? Try Bad Owl Coffee, home of the Harry Potter-inspired butter brew latte.


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