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Under $100: Utila, Honduras

by Jack Guy

Jul 19, 2015

Utila, Honduras © Antonio Lopez Zamorano | Dreamstime

South America

The island of Utila is renowned as a budget friendly choice for those who want to learn how to dive, and a thriving tourism industry has developed as a result.


Arise early and head for a light breakfast at Rio Coco Cafe ($10), but don’t overeat as you will be spending a good few hours at sea. Certified divers can head out on a one-day package to see the best of what Utila has to offer (approximately $45), while those without a certificate can go snorkeling around the nearby reefs.


After returning to land, make your way to the Jade Seahorse restaurant for a late lunch, and marvel at the intricate treehouse construction ($10). Climb down from its mystical surroundings before taking a stroll along the main street to the small beach, where you can swim some more or just relax on the sand.


Jade Seahorse, Utila, Honduras © Micah MacAllen | Flickr

Jade Seahorse © Micah MacAllen | Flickr


Dive courses may start early every day but that does not stop the nightlife on Utila from being famously raucous. Dinner and drinks at the Mango Inn ($15) will get you in the mood for a night at the Skid Row Bar. If you’ve got the stomach for it, take on the Skid Row Challenge ($10), which involves downing four shots of the local firewater, guifiti.


Successful participants walk away with the Skid Row vest ubiquitous among travelers in Central America, as well as a pounding headache the morning after. Finish your night at Tranquila Bar, which is anything but, especially on Tequila Tuesday (shots $3).



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