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Valluse Module Travel Luggage

by Jack Guy

Nov 15, 2017

© Tyler Olson | Dreamstime

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This versatile luggage set can be arranged in six different ways depending on where you’re going and what you’re taking with you. There are three bags in the set, made from metal matrix-reinforced aluminum. You can use them all at the same time, or any combination of the three.

The large bag is for check-in luggage, the medium bag fits as hand luggage and the small bag is a personal item. With TSA-approved locks and zipper-less closing, security is paramount, while the polycarbonate construction adds durability.

When it comes to luggage it’s worth investing in high-quality items that will last for years, rather than buying cheap bags that have to be replaced after just a few trips. Save up for some hard-case luggage and you won’t regret it when you’re still using them after dozens of journeys.

The Valluse set is far cheaper than similar bags from other brands. After a successful Kickstarter campaign you can get all three Valluse bags for $820, while Victorinox sells a similar set for $1,560.

If you are looking to make the jump to hard-case luggage, Valluse is an affordable option to test the water with instead of jumping in with premium brands.


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