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Where Are The Best Christmas Lights Displays?

by Jack Guy

Dec 13, 2015

Festival of Lights, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada © Christine K | Flickr

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With the holiday season fast approaching many cities around the world are preparing their streets with gaudy baubles and lights. Where are the best displays around the world?


While some local authorities appear to let children design their Christmas light displays, others take real care in putting together a tasteful festive display. In Vienna, Austria, the streets are lined with white lights which illuminate the city’s beautiful architecture with none of the tacky neon that blights other cities.


That said, fans of colored lights should head to Medellin, where the spectacular displays draw crowds from all over Colombia. The overload of color reaches the next level in Hong Kong, where lights line the streets and are beamed out from the top of the city’s multitude of skyscrapers.


Further east, in the Japanese city of Kobe, thousands of hand-painted light bulbs line thoroughfares near one of the city parks, drawing millions of people. Back in North America lights and nature combine at Niagara Falls, which are illuminated with more than 3 million lights. Visitors can also watch a number of animated light shows projected onto the falls themselves.


In Saint Augustine, Fla., the Spanish colonial district is lit up with 2 million bulbs, all of which are white. The tradition stems from the candles which colonists used to place in their windows, and the modern-day version is a stunning sight.


Consider a trip to any of these destinations in order to experience Christmas in a different culture. It’s sure to be a fascinating experience.



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