BeautyRx Anytime Pads

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Staying fresh and feeling clean in transit isn’t always as easy as popping into the nearest bathroom only to lean forward into a questionable sink for a quick facial rinse. Whether you’re stuck on a plane with limited bathroom space or transferring from plane to bus to car to train, staying fresh on the go is made easier with the help of BeautyRx.

Led by skin expert Dr. Schultz, BeautyRx has been a saving grace for men and women who seek to keep their skin hydrated, preserved and to fight off wrinkles. The popular beauty brand caters to the frantic traveler with its Anytime Pads: toner pads that can be used anywhere, any time to freshen the skin and remove dirt and oil.

Regardless of whether your face has been recently washed, you can wipe an alcohol-free pad over your face and neck to gently cleanse the skin and return hydration to thirsty pores. The pads also can be used to remove make-up after a workday or before bed. Stored neatly in a round container, the pads perfectly pair with your carry-on bag or a backpack.

A small circular pack of 15 wipes can be purchased on the BeautyRx website for $14 plus shipping.

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