Final Cut Pro X

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Apple’s signature video editing software, Final Cut Pro X is the ideal tool to create breathtaking videos of recent travels. This program is easy to use for first-time editors, but also has an array of advanced tools that allow well-seasoned video editors to work their magic.

Importing and organizing media is a breeze, from memory cards, flash drives or directly from the camera. Previews of each clip are displayed in your library, so you can find the clips you are looking for easily. Final Cut Pro X allows users to customize where each window goes on the interface, so editors can place their most used tools in accessible order.

Moving and editing clips can be a one-step process with the use of compound clips. Linking multiple layers of video, audio, effects and music can be done with one click. The Magnetic Timeline allows for experimentation of the clips without causing issues or synchronization glitches.

Audio can be effortlessly altered with the built-in tools to reduce background noise and optimize levels with multi-channel inputs. Visual clips have a range of filter, effects, speed settings and enhancements to make any video clip pop.

Final Cut Pro X is only made for Mac products, is 3 GB in size and is priced at $299.99


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