Joby’s GripTight Auto Vent Clip

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As hands-free technology for drivers expands, there’s an increasing number of tools to help safely operate a smartphone while driving. Among them are various mounts for your phone, allowing you to see your phone screen as close to eye level as possible. Some stick to your dashboard, while others clip to an air vent, such as Joby’s GripTight Auto Vent Clip.


This portable lightweight smartphone device clips easily to an air vent, allowing the phone to stay out of the driver’s direct line of sight but still easily visible should you need to refer to a map or driving directions. Joby’s product also comes with an airplane clip adaptor, a small plastic implement that tucks into the closed tray table in front of you as you fly, allowing you to easily watch movies and television on your device. As advertised, it stood up well to turbulence and seat movement the entire trip.


Both uses are incredibly effective. The set-up is easy, the device packable and unconstructive, and the function high. You can easily reposition your phone via a positioning ball that rotates for both vertical and horizontal viewing. It also locks in place if you’ve achieved an angle you want to hold.


The GripTight holds your phone via an adjustable grip that securely holds your phone. It leans nicely against the car, so it doesn’t weigh down the air vent, causing it to point downward. The only slight downside is it blocks airflow slightly.


As another bonus, the clip can be used with any tripod or stand with a ¼”-20 screw, including Joby’s own products.


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