TemboTusk Skottle Kit

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Regardless of the season, temperature or location, there’s always a good reason to have a “skottle.” The term comes from the South African cooking utensil and refers to an appliance that can be used to cook in the same way as a grill and/or a skillet. The outdoor gear company TemboTusk issued a skottle that solves all your al fresco meal prep needs.

Traditionally for use over an open fire, modern-day skottles, such as those sold by TemboTusk, come equipped with a gas canister that can heat up the wok-like dish in just seconds. With a diameter of 18 inches, the disc sits atop a tripod that rises to 28 inches in height, with the total weight of all pieces coming in at 22 pounds. The height of the skottle makes it easy on those with back problems as it eliminates the need to bend over or kneel to cook on the raised disc.

The kit sold by TemboTusk includes the cooking disc, the tripod, five pins that can be used to mount the disc on the legs, a round carrying case, a separate carrying case for the legs and a burner. The iron skillet material makes for a quick and easy clean-up, too, as a simple wipe of a damp paper towel with a dab of oil will do the trick.

TemboTusk’s skottle can be purchased on its website for $275, plus shipping.

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