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Agust Gastrobar, Barcelona, Spain

by Allie Moore

Sep 26, 2019

Park Guell, Barcelona © Juan Moyano | Dreamstime

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Along Parlament Street in Barcelona’s Sant Antoni neighborhood is where gourmands and spirit aficionados can find some of the city’s most cutting-edge concepts in terms of cuisine and drinks. With shining white-light letters that illuminate the thoroughfare and draw attention to the space, Agust Gastrobar beckons patrons to a world where inventive plates and world-class wine are accessible to the masses.


A well-lit interior with solitary light bulbs hanging above dark metal high-top chairs and black-metal accents adorning the exposed stone walls evoke pure cosmopolitan energy. A sheer black-topped bar made from whitewashed stone flanks the right side of the bar, while high-top bar tables line the left wall. Climb the industrial metal stairs to a landing where tables and chairs welcome diners for a proper meal.


Agust’s food menu changes twice per year, always staying current based on trends and local and seasonal ingredients. Traditional Catalan favorites kick off the “tapas” portion of the menu, with Iberian ham, seafood croquettes, a calamari sandwich with kimchi salsa, and gazpacho. The rest of the menu represents international cuisines, with dishes like Maki salmon tartar with basil mayonnaise; ravioli with shrimp and pork and a Chardonnay vinaigrette; and “Risotto a la Milanesa” with pumpkin and Parmesan.


For desert, try the “Cactus”: lemon sorbet, “mojito” mousse, and almond and chocolate crumbles.


Agust Gastrobar

Carrer del Parlament 54
08015 Barcelona, Spain









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