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America’s Best Donut Shops

by Allie Moore

Apr 21, 2016

© Brett Critchley | Dreamstime

Food & Drink

Among America’s most decadent and elaborate culinary creations, donuts have taken center stage in recent years as creative toppings and inventive hybrids have hit the pastry scene. Throughout the 50 states, specialty shops have been baking and selling these sweet, round treats and coming up with new and unique varieties. Get your fried dough fix at one of the country’s best shops among the options below.


Blackbird Doughnuts, Boston

Arguably where the American version of the pastry originated, this shop prepares its own in-house dough. Both classic varieties (e.g. cinnamon sugar) and fancy creations (topped with soft serve ice cream or candy bits) make up the colorful display, located within the same building as Gallows Restaurant.


District, New Orleans

In the heart of NOLA, this donut and slider shop makes every ingredient from scratch for their menu of more than 100 donuts (with seven in rotation each day). From Almond Joy to cheesecake-stuffed delights, the gooey possibilities are best enjoyed with copious napkins.


Do-Rite, Chicago

Gluten-free and vegan varieties are offered at the Windy City’s Do-Rite’s Donuts. Options include gluten-free maple bacon, vegan chai, and Michigan Apple Fritter.


Donut Bar, San Diego

Advertised as selling the “Best Donuts in the World,” Donut Bar has won countless awards for its fantastic fried dough. Travel back to childhood with a Pop Tart–stuffed pastry that weighs in at one pound.


Doughnut Project, New York

The Doughtnut Project in New York City is for people who love doughnuts but who hate making decisions. With only six options, like the pretzel-topped Costanza and the bagel-inspired Everything doughnut, decisions are as easy as enjoying these sweet treats.



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